Saturday, November 28, 2009

This is the first battle report, it was a three-way game with 1000pts each and we randomized who would go first with a D6 roll off. mission Capture and Control, with pitched battle setup.

We had Orks Deffwing with 'Eadsplitta (Ghazie), Salamanders w/Vulkan and some Daemons for fun.

Orks-win fist turn roll off, both battlewagons going tearing up the field towards the rhinos letting loose with some bigshoota action with little to no effect.

Salamanders- move forward with Rhinos and Landraider, unload tons of Multimelta shots and immobilized one Battlewagon.

Daemons- I do get my choice for army split that I want- Bloodthirster, Bloodletters, and Soul Grinder, however my Soul Grinder manages to deepstrike on to a Battlewagon and go back to the warp to hide out a bit. The Bloodthrister and Bloodletters move to center objective to claim it.

Turn 2-

Orks- Eadsplitta(Ghazie)and MANZ get out of immobilized Battlewagon and other Battlewagon moves towards rhinos on right side of board. The Battlewagon opens up with its two bigshootas but misses with all shots. Other Battlewagon's grot rigger fix in shooting phase. Eadsplitta and his MANZ hit bloodletters in hand to hand and wipe them out with almost no damage to themselves.

Salamanders- Both rhinos fall back towards the ruin building with rest of their combat squads in them. The multimeltas unleash on both battlewagons- wrecking one and causing the other not to shoot next turn.

Daemons- Soul Grinder still hiding in the warp, however the Great Unclean One and a unit of plaguebeares come down behind the Ork's line. Bloodthister goes in for the kill on the unit of MANZ that killed the bloodletters. He manages to kill 3 of them but dies in a tide of power klaws.

Turn 3-
Daemons-Soul Grinder still cant get out of the warp and cont. to stay off board. Great Unclean One and unit of plaguebeares move towards 'Eadsplitta and his MANZ. Great Unclean One vomits forth with breath of chaos, then both units assault them in hand to hand killing 3 MANZ and only losing 1 plaguebearer and 2 wounds on the GUO.

Salamanders- Landraider moves forward and lets loose its multimelta on the battlewagon causing it to not shoot/move. Combat squads in building with multimeltas cont. to hunt for targets microwaving a few daemons and orks that get to close to this nasty gun line.

Orks- Battlewagon conts forward towards the marines line, but the grots manning the bigshootas keep missing their targets. 'Eadsplitta and squad of remaining mega boyz retreat to fight another day.

Turn 4-

Salamander- Landraider moves up and spills out Vulkan and his terminators. Landraider blows up the battlewagon with multimelta forcing Grotsnik and the other squad of MANZ to jump out of the wrecked battlewagon. In hand to hand Vulkan hits Grotsnik early on and kills him out right even with his cyborg body. The rest of the MANZ die in the bloody hand to hand fighting, but Vulkan and two lighting claws and one thunder hammer died in this melee.

Daemons- try to move to middle objective but roll low on terrain test.


Daemons- Get to go first this round and the plaguebearers roll much better getting in to hand to hand with the last two thunder hammers but die to the might of the Emperor's finest.

Salamanders- The multimeltas in the ruin building blast away at the Soul Grinder wrecking it as soon as in finally came out of the warp this turn.

Orks- the last of the orks run off the board edge at this turn.

Endgame- Daemons are too far away from center objective, Orks have run off the board, and the Salamanders in the ruin building are the only ones standing on an objective to win the game.

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