Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vacuna Reclamation Campaign

Vacuna Reclamation Campaign
Round 3

Orks vs Daemons Tzeentch
mission- All Around Defence

'Eadsplitta's boyz were rocketing towards the outskirts of the Hive City, smoking ruins flew passed them as each boy engaged the turbo boost button on their bikes. Big Mek Lugnutz had fashioned a Homing Beacon for his prized Mek Rokks to drop down from low orbit. These Rokks were essential for Lugnutz to construct his Dread Mob. 'Eadsplitta's mission was to secure enough scraps and raw materials to supple the Mek to build massive engines of death.

The Daemons of Nurgle took a heavy toll on 'Eadsplitta's horde of boyz. Vehicles laid scattered and belching thick black smoke like huge pieces of coal. He need reinforcements soon and badly if he was to maintain control of the Hive City of Vacuna.

As 'Eadsplitta arrived shimming shapes of hideous creatures appeared from out of nothing. Gibbering pink deamons hurdle warp fire as the Ork horde approached the homing beacon. The Lootas took up position around the beacon and unloaded with their oversize Deffguns.

Huge Battlewagons crammed full of Boyz ready for a fight slammed straight into newly formed daemons squashing them into pink puddles of goo. The Nobz on bikes unleashed a torrent of fire at the daemon hordes in front of them, and with the help of the Lootas perched on top of the ruins, cut a bloody path through the legions of Tzeentch.

Two enormous shapes of flesh and machine formed almost on top of 'Eadsplitta and his retinue of boyz. The Warboss though, this is going to be a fight to remember and order his boyz to engage this new horrendous threat.

The Boyz in the Battlewagons were foaming at the mouth to get stuck in this fight and soon as their eyes saw the Warboss engage those enormous monsters from the warp, they piled out of their ram-shackled rides and assaulted the massive daemon-engines.

'Eadsplitta was wounded horrendously, but an outflanking detachment of Warbikers had come in the nick-of-time to swing the battle in favor of the Orks and a few Nobz with hungry power klaws made short work of the final Soulgrinders.

The Ork Beacon was activated and Big Mek Lugnutz was working to make a massive Dread Mob for the coming battle .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vacuna Reclamation Campaign

Second Round
Orks vs Daemons 1750pts
mission- Surprise Attack, from the mission book
This is part of an ongoing campaign that my local group is running and is more of a narrative type campaign.

Warboss 'Eadsplitta and his boyz had just finished wiping out a small detachment of Ultramarines lead by Captain Sicarius when he ordered the boyz to make for the outskirts of the Hive-city to setup a rally point for the incoming Rokkz that were coming with reinforcements. The SpaceMarines had given ' Eadsplitta's boyz a run for their money but the Boyz came through and got stuck in and gave them a good stompin that any Ork would be proud of.

As the boyz encircled the hive ruins to setup a perimeter a strange and unpleasant smell filled the air almost choking the Warband in whole. From almost out of thin air shapes started to form, vile pus-filled shapes of hideous daemons and things only found in the imagination. Little nurglings ran with demonic speed towards the Loota squad camped out in the nearby Ruined Church, the Orks tried to gun the tiny daemons down , but they were quickly overrun by the pusfilled maggots of father Nurgle.

'Eadplitta realized Nurgle forces were surrounding him and his boyz, he quickly ordered all to engage at all cost towards this new threat of daemon incursion on his "home turf " . 'Eadsplitta saw in the distances the form of a huge-bloated plaguebearer on top of a mountain of nurglings with and hourglass in one slimly arm and in the other a rusty blade. This figure seemed to be counting, counting what, 'Eadsplitta didn't really care only that this seemed a fitting opponent to kill and 'Eadsplitta wanted to kill some thing. As the 'Ardboyz, Nobz on bikes, and the two Massive Battlewagons advance, huge shapes form in front of them, enormous daemon prince and Beasts of Nurgle galloped forth like lapdogs halting the advance of the Ork wave. 'Eadsplitta and his most trusted Nobz, assaulted the Foul Daemon Prince of Nurgle and cut him down with Massive Power Klaws and Big Choppas. The Battlewagons squashed the beasts of Nurgle with their Spinning Deth Rollas as they advance towards the repulsive target of the tallyman of Nurgle himself.

The Orks fought hard against this new foul enemy they encountered, but the gibbering hordes of Chaos where just too much for crude choppas and sluggas that the Orks possessed. Only the strongest of the Orks manage to pull themselves to survive the massive onslaught that the servants of Nurgle unleashed on them.

'Eadsplitta knew he had to cut his losses or he too would find himself under corruption of Chaos. The Massive Warboss, turned his bike towards the horizon as the last of his Boyz feel under the unrelenting force of a thousand tiny nurglings as they overran the boyz around the smoking Battlwagons that they had manage to cripple with fellow nurglings themselves. 'Eadsplitta would live to fight another day and as soon as the Rokks had dropped out of orbit he would have the reinforcements to fight the "umies" but also this new Demonic threat as well.

The game ends with 11kill points to 11kill points - Draw

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Battle for Prox Rages On

'Eadsplitta has returned with a massive horde of Orks and has his eyes on the hostile planet Prox in the Prox System. He found a small detachment of Emperor's Children taking over one of his cities for themselves. No self respecting Ork could allow this to continue, and so took matters into his own klaws. 'Eadsplitta took a small part of his Waaagh and engaged the perverse Space Mairnes, cutting down the first squad he saw with bigshootas and power klaws. Next the trukk squads move in on the Emperor's Children camped out in the tower centered in the middle of town, and slained them with rokkit and bigshoota shots. Finally the corrupt Space Marines summoned the Daemons from the Warp, to help aid the desperate Marines. 'Eadplitta slaughter them with ease and reclaimed the town for himself once again in a victory for the 'Eadsplitta Waaagh.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arcus Hold Battle 4

This battle takes place on Arcus Hold in the Vivace System as part of the Aftermath Campaign
Orks vs Daemons- 500pts -4 objectives Pitched battle

We had 4 objectives to place I tried to put two of mine as close to me as I could get them and my opponent did the same, I went first and since he was playing daemons my first turn was not much to write about, but I had three trukk parked in the back behind cover and claiming one objective right there.

I kept one of my trukks in cover and next to the objective I had since last turn and moved my other two trukks up the right side to go after the next objective. The Daemons deep strike right next to one of the objectives and then start to move towards the objective I had my eye on.

The Blue Scribes unloads with not one but two Bolts of Tzeentch at my trukks causing them to wreck, but thanks to the ramshackle rule the trukks go kerrunch and the Orks get out without a scratch. The Daemonettes move to grab one of the middle objectives.

Despite my trukks blowing up left and right, I move to assault the Daemonettes that have grabbed the right side objective. wWth two full squad of boyz I go in for the kill on the squad of Daemonettes. The Blue Scribes continue to rip my trukks up and kill a few Ork boyz with them and I get a few lucky rokkit shots in here or there to take the Pink Horrors down in numbers.

The game ends on Turn 5 and at that stage of the game I was holding two objectives to his one. I only manage to get the two, by killing off the last of the Daemonettes in hand to hand.

Battle for Arcus Hold- Battle 3

This battle takes place on Arcus Hold a supply planet in the Vivace System
Capture and Control-Dawn of War- 500pts
My speed freeks " Free Wheel Burning" take on a small detachment of Deathwing Terminators.
The Cunning Deathwing player started with all his units off board and allowed me to have first turn, what a nice guy, he must be up to something when ever he " lets me go first".
With my three trukks I had one hold back to defend the objective, and the other two raced up the middle on a diagonal through the ruined cityscape right towards his objective. He had parked a Dread with twinlinked lascannon right next to his objective that nailed the first trukk, causing it to immobilized right there.

The next turn prove to be my saving grace on the match, as he walked over to my side of the table to place a five-man Terminator squad right next to my lone trukk and my objective I knew this would spell certain doom for me. However he rolled for the scatter and put himself right into my trukk and rolled a 4 on the mishap table, allow me to place his squad wherever i wanted, i stuck them in a far corner away from everybody.

The next few turns I advanced my trukks to the Deathwing's objective, I did manage to get some rokkit shots off and immobilize the dread and then finish it off in hand to hand, but lose a few Orks in the process.

By the 5th turn he had the Terminator on the objective and nothing was on mine , this could have ended the game with a win for him, but the game went 6th and 7th turns and by the 7th I had cleared the table of all Imperium scum.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

40k in 40 mins 400pts

This is a 40k in 40mins game with 400pts
Annihilation- Pitched battle
This battle is part of the Aftermath Campaign and takes place on the resupply planet of Arcus Hold

The Space Marines Rhino tears up the middle and conceals behind a ruined building waiting for the crazed mad Ork boyz coming in the ramshackle trukks. The squad of Marines in the back ruin fire their Multi Melta at the lead trukk coming in their direction, but fail to do little more than melt a few pieces of scrap metal off the side of the trukk. The Ork answer the Space Marines with wild bigshootas but the rounds go off in a million different directions doing nothing more than making lots of noise.

The Space Marines on the ground call for reinforcement from their strike cruiser in low orbit, but the cruiser it still fighting off the Ork Rokks surrounding the planet and cant send the Terminators. The Squad in the ruins targets the Ork trukk on the right side turning it to slag and killing two boyz as they get out of their puddle of a trukk. The two other trukks come barreling around the left side getting a lucky rokkit shot off immobilizing the Rhino and attacking the Space marines in the ruins with heavy slugs killing one of the Imperium's finest. The boyz on foot rush in to finish off the Rhino in hand to hand forcing the squad to disembark out the back. While the other boyz attack the Marines held up in the building.

Terminators deep strike behind the Ork trukk catching the Orks off guard. The Space Marines from the Rhino fall back to get a better shot on the Ork mob now surrounding the smoking Rhino. The Multi Melta from the Building melts the bigshoota off one of the trukks. The Terms Assault the trukk but thanks to it going fast only manage to stun the trukk, but the boyz jump out and run towards the building to get away from the terms. Both Orks and Space Marines fight heroically this round and both combats end in draws with a few casualties each.

The Terminators advance after the cowardly Ork boyz running away from them, and catch the boyz in hand to hand killing 6 boyz but losing all but one Thunder Hammer, still the boyz flee after suffering heavy loses in the fight. The other Orks fair better in combat this round wiping out both marine squads. One mob advances towards the lone Terminator, while the other mob rally to the trukk.
The last Terminator assaults the Orks coming towards him, killing 2 boyz and not suffering any wounds the boyz fall back. The Term follows both Ork mobs as they run away. The last mob of boyz jump into their trukk to see if they can take this lone Terminator out.

Both mobs of boyz are still falling back due the Terminator being so close to them. The Boyz in the trukk coming tearing up from behind and in a hail of bigshoota fire, gun down the last Terminator and win the game for the Orks.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some of my work

These are some examples of my work and advertisement for commission work