Sunday, January 17, 2010

Battle for Arcus Hold- Battle 3

This battle takes place on Arcus Hold a supply planet in the Vivace System
Capture and Control-Dawn of War- 500pts
My speed freeks " Free Wheel Burning" take on a small detachment of Deathwing Terminators.
The Cunning Deathwing player started with all his units off board and allowed me to have first turn, what a nice guy, he must be up to something when ever he " lets me go first".
With my three trukks I had one hold back to defend the objective, and the other two raced up the middle on a diagonal through the ruined cityscape right towards his objective. He had parked a Dread with twinlinked lascannon right next to his objective that nailed the first trukk, causing it to immobilized right there.

The next turn prove to be my saving grace on the match, as he walked over to my side of the table to place a five-man Terminator squad right next to my lone trukk and my objective I knew this would spell certain doom for me. However he rolled for the scatter and put himself right into my trukk and rolled a 4 on the mishap table, allow me to place his squad wherever i wanted, i stuck them in a far corner away from everybody.

The next few turns I advanced my trukks to the Deathwing's objective, I did manage to get some rokkit shots off and immobilize the dread and then finish it off in hand to hand, but lose a few Orks in the process.

By the 5th turn he had the Terminator on the objective and nothing was on mine , this could have ended the game with a win for him, but the game went 6th and 7th turns and by the 7th I had cleared the table of all Imperium scum.

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