Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Small Apoc game on Arcus Hold

This is a battle report for the Aftermath Campaign
1750ish Apoc game- Seize Ground w/objectives -4
On Arcus Hold

Warboss "Eadsplitta as sent 3 of his speed freeks warbands to Arcus Hold planet in hopes to get more raw materiels to contiune his conquest for Prox.
Speed Freaks " Free Wheel Burning " has come across several Space Marine Chapters including the Salamanders.

The Space Marines go first and the Reaver unloads 15 shots into the lead Ork trukk blowing the tracks and ripping the bigshoota off. The Reaver also targets the Stompa with the Deff Arsenal and destroys both Deth Kannon and Deff Arsenal in the same volley. The Turbo Laser shot that hit the Stompa also grazed a trukk next to it causing it to wreck and forcing the boyz to bail out. The grots aboard the Stompa quickly begin to repair the Deth Kannon to have it ready by next turn. Two trukks escape this and fly up the right flank to get at the heart of the Space Marine ground forces and with a lucky rokkit shot immobilize the Rhino. The Stompa that can still fire unloads everything at the Titan dropping all but one Void Shields

The Titan continues to its mega bolter fire on the boyz on foot killing them all even though they did make it to the objective. The Terminators fail to come in from reserves, and the rest of the Space marines shooting is off target or does no damage to the Orks. The Orks advance into assault range and attack the squad in the ruin and the crippled rhino, killing the squad and wrecking the Rhino. The Stompas let their Deth Kannons punch holes in the Titian's armour dropping the rest of its shields down and almost crippling the mega bolter that had been giving me a headache.

Space Marine reinforcement come as the Terminators arrive behind the Ork line, but lose one to dangerous terrain. The rest of the Space Marines light up the advancing Ork horde killing a ton but the Orks just keep coming. The Reaver shoots the "Red" Stompa this time causing a structure point of damage. The Orks Assault both squads of Space Marines, killing all of them in a tide of green choppy madness. The Stompa's shooting this round is bad at best, someone one needs to set these grot gun crews straight.

The Terms run to the closest Ork mob to act revenge for their fallen brethren, but the Orks seem unstoppable at this point and kill three Terms in this melee, ( this was due to some really bad dice rolls on the Space Marine side).The Reaver Blows up a nearby trukk so the Orks wont have a ride back and takes out the" Red" Stompa's big gun. The "Green" Stompa fires his Deth Kannon and rokkits at the Titan taking out both primary weapon systems turning the Titan into a giant paper weight at this point.

The Space Marines only really have the last Terminator left the Titan's guns are destroyed, it still has the Apocalypse Missile Launcher but it has a min range of 24" so it really not helping. The Term does well and kills a few Ork boyz but there are still enough boyz to get the job done and take out the last Terminator. The Boyz in the ruins move out to claim one objective and the squad the took care to the Term race to the last objective to win the game with a final turn at 5.

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