Friday, January 22, 2010

The Battle for Prox Rages On

'Eadsplitta has returned with a massive horde of Orks and has his eyes on the hostile planet Prox in the Prox System. He found a small detachment of Emperor's Children taking over one of his cities for themselves. No self respecting Ork could allow this to continue, and so took matters into his own klaws. 'Eadsplitta took a small part of his Waaagh and engaged the perverse Space Mairnes, cutting down the first squad he saw with bigshootas and power klaws. Next the trukk squads move in on the Emperor's Children camped out in the tower centered in the middle of town, and slained them with rokkit and bigshoota shots. Finally the corrupt Space Marines summoned the Daemons from the Warp, to help aid the desperate Marines. 'Eadplitta slaughter them with ease and reclaimed the town for himself once again in a victory for the 'Eadsplitta Waaagh.

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