Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vacuna Reclamation Campaign

Second Round
Orks vs Daemons 1750pts
mission- Surprise Attack, from the mission book
This is part of an ongoing campaign that my local group is running and is more of a narrative type campaign.

Warboss 'Eadsplitta and his boyz had just finished wiping out a small detachment of Ultramarines lead by Captain Sicarius when he ordered the boyz to make for the outskirts of the Hive-city to setup a rally point for the incoming Rokkz that were coming with reinforcements. The SpaceMarines had given ' Eadsplitta's boyz a run for their money but the Boyz came through and got stuck in and gave them a good stompin that any Ork would be proud of.

As the boyz encircled the hive ruins to setup a perimeter a strange and unpleasant smell filled the air almost choking the Warband in whole. From almost out of thin air shapes started to form, vile pus-filled shapes of hideous daemons and things only found in the imagination. Little nurglings ran with demonic speed towards the Loota squad camped out in the nearby Ruined Church, the Orks tried to gun the tiny daemons down , but they were quickly overrun by the pusfilled maggots of father Nurgle.

'Eadplitta realized Nurgle forces were surrounding him and his boyz, he quickly ordered all to engage at all cost towards this new threat of daemon incursion on his "home turf " . 'Eadsplitta saw in the distances the form of a huge-bloated plaguebearer on top of a mountain of nurglings with and hourglass in one slimly arm and in the other a rusty blade. This figure seemed to be counting, counting what, 'Eadsplitta didn't really care only that this seemed a fitting opponent to kill and 'Eadsplitta wanted to kill some thing. As the 'Ardboyz, Nobz on bikes, and the two Massive Battlewagons advance, huge shapes form in front of them, enormous daemon prince and Beasts of Nurgle galloped forth like lapdogs halting the advance of the Ork wave. 'Eadsplitta and his most trusted Nobz, assaulted the Foul Daemon Prince of Nurgle and cut him down with Massive Power Klaws and Big Choppas. The Battlewagons squashed the beasts of Nurgle with their Spinning Deth Rollas as they advance towards the repulsive target of the tallyman of Nurgle himself.

The Orks fought hard against this new foul enemy they encountered, but the gibbering hordes of Chaos where just too much for crude choppas and sluggas that the Orks possessed. Only the strongest of the Orks manage to pull themselves to survive the massive onslaught that the servants of Nurgle unleashed on them.

'Eadsplitta knew he had to cut his losses or he too would find himself under corruption of Chaos. The Massive Warboss, turned his bike towards the horizon as the last of his Boyz feel under the unrelenting force of a thousand tiny nurglings as they overran the boyz around the smoking Battlwagons that they had manage to cripple with fellow nurglings themselves. 'Eadsplitta would live to fight another day and as soon as the Rokks had dropped out of orbit he would have the reinforcements to fight the "umies" but also this new Demonic threat as well.

The game ends with 11kill points to 11kill points - Draw

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