Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vacuna Reclamation Campaign

Vacuna Reclamation Campaign
Round 3

Orks vs Daemons Tzeentch
mission- All Around Defence

'Eadsplitta's boyz were rocketing towards the outskirts of the Hive City, smoking ruins flew passed them as each boy engaged the turbo boost button on their bikes. Big Mek Lugnutz had fashioned a Homing Beacon for his prized Mek Rokks to drop down from low orbit. These Rokks were essential for Lugnutz to construct his Dread Mob. 'Eadsplitta's mission was to secure enough scraps and raw materials to supple the Mek to build massive engines of death.

The Daemons of Nurgle took a heavy toll on 'Eadsplitta's horde of boyz. Vehicles laid scattered and belching thick black smoke like huge pieces of coal. He need reinforcements soon and badly if he was to maintain control of the Hive City of Vacuna.

As 'Eadsplitta arrived shimming shapes of hideous creatures appeared from out of nothing. Gibbering pink deamons hurdle warp fire as the Ork horde approached the homing beacon. The Lootas took up position around the beacon and unloaded with their oversize Deffguns.

Huge Battlewagons crammed full of Boyz ready for a fight slammed straight into newly formed daemons squashing them into pink puddles of goo. The Nobz on bikes unleashed a torrent of fire at the daemon hordes in front of them, and with the help of the Lootas perched on top of the ruins, cut a bloody path through the legions of Tzeentch.

Two enormous shapes of flesh and machine formed almost on top of 'Eadsplitta and his retinue of boyz. The Warboss though, this is going to be a fight to remember and order his boyz to engage this new horrendous threat.

The Boyz in the Battlewagons were foaming at the mouth to get stuck in this fight and soon as their eyes saw the Warboss engage those enormous monsters from the warp, they piled out of their ram-shackled rides and assaulted the massive daemon-engines.

'Eadsplitta was wounded horrendously, but an outflanking detachment of Warbikers had come in the nick-of-time to swing the battle in favor of the Orks and a few Nobz with hungry power klaws made short work of the final Soulgrinders.

The Ork Beacon was activated and Big Mek Lugnutz was working to make a massive Dread Mob for the coming battle .

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