Thursday, January 14, 2010

40k in 40 mins 400pts

This is a 40k in 40mins game with 400pts
Annihilation- Pitched battle
This battle is part of the Aftermath Campaign and takes place on the resupply planet of Arcus Hold

The Space Marines Rhino tears up the middle and conceals behind a ruined building waiting for the crazed mad Ork boyz coming in the ramshackle trukks. The squad of Marines in the back ruin fire their Multi Melta at the lead trukk coming in their direction, but fail to do little more than melt a few pieces of scrap metal off the side of the trukk. The Ork answer the Space Marines with wild bigshootas but the rounds go off in a million different directions doing nothing more than making lots of noise.

The Space Marines on the ground call for reinforcement from their strike cruiser in low orbit, but the cruiser it still fighting off the Ork Rokks surrounding the planet and cant send the Terminators. The Squad in the ruins targets the Ork trukk on the right side turning it to slag and killing two boyz as they get out of their puddle of a trukk. The two other trukks come barreling around the left side getting a lucky rokkit shot off immobilizing the Rhino and attacking the Space marines in the ruins with heavy slugs killing one of the Imperium's finest. The boyz on foot rush in to finish off the Rhino in hand to hand forcing the squad to disembark out the back. While the other boyz attack the Marines held up in the building.

Terminators deep strike behind the Ork trukk catching the Orks off guard. The Space Marines from the Rhino fall back to get a better shot on the Ork mob now surrounding the smoking Rhino. The Multi Melta from the Building melts the bigshoota off one of the trukks. The Terms Assault the trukk but thanks to it going fast only manage to stun the trukk, but the boyz jump out and run towards the building to get away from the terms. Both Orks and Space Marines fight heroically this round and both combats end in draws with a few casualties each.

The Terminators advance after the cowardly Ork boyz running away from them, and catch the boyz in hand to hand killing 6 boyz but losing all but one Thunder Hammer, still the boyz flee after suffering heavy loses in the fight. The other Orks fair better in combat this round wiping out both marine squads. One mob advances towards the lone Terminator, while the other mob rally to the trukk.
The last Terminator assaults the Orks coming towards him, killing 2 boyz and not suffering any wounds the boyz fall back. The Term follows both Ork mobs as they run away. The last mob of boyz jump into their trukk to see if they can take this lone Terminator out.

Both mobs of boyz are still falling back due the Terminator being so close to them. The Boyz in the trukk coming tearing up from behind and in a hail of bigshoota fire, gun down the last Terminator and win the game for the Orks.

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