Sunday, January 17, 2010

Arcus Hold Battle 4

This battle takes place on Arcus Hold in the Vivace System as part of the Aftermath Campaign
Orks vs Daemons- 500pts -4 objectives Pitched battle

We had 4 objectives to place I tried to put two of mine as close to me as I could get them and my opponent did the same, I went first and since he was playing daemons my first turn was not much to write about, but I had three trukk parked in the back behind cover and claiming one objective right there.

I kept one of my trukks in cover and next to the objective I had since last turn and moved my other two trukks up the right side to go after the next objective. The Daemons deep strike right next to one of the objectives and then start to move towards the objective I had my eye on.

The Blue Scribes unloads with not one but two Bolts of Tzeentch at my trukks causing them to wreck, but thanks to the ramshackle rule the trukks go kerrunch and the Orks get out without a scratch. The Daemonettes move to grab one of the middle objectives.

Despite my trukks blowing up left and right, I move to assault the Daemonettes that have grabbed the right side objective. wWth two full squad of boyz I go in for the kill on the squad of Daemonettes. The Blue Scribes continue to rip my trukks up and kill a few Ork boyz with them and I get a few lucky rokkit shots in here or there to take the Pink Horrors down in numbers.

The game ends on Turn 5 and at that stage of the game I was holding two objectives to his one. I only manage to get the two, by killing off the last of the Daemonettes in hand to hand.

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