Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Eadsplitta waaagh on Flamberge-Aftermath campaign

Hey All this is a battle report from and on going campaign in Aftermath Sector
This was a 1500pts battle between Orks vs Salamanders
mission was cap and control, with spearhead deployment

This is a quick and dirty battle report since im trying to turn these out as fast as I can

The orks started off first and ran everything up the middle and had one Battlewagon off to the left side flank. By turn two Ghazie and his squad of MANz jumped out of their wagon to assault the Termies and Vulkan from thier Landraider, need less to say the Orks stomped them to death and only a single thunderhammer made it but fled the scene fast.

But turn four things were looking grim for thr salamanders and they only had two rhinos and a handful of spacemarines left. The spacemarine player tried very hard to make sure I would not get to his objective but Ghazie and his squad made it by the skin of their teeth to win the game.

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