Sunday, December 27, 2009

Battle Report - Flamberge - Aftermath Campaign

1500pts - Annihilation Orks vs Eldar

This is a fast and furious game that had the Eldar going first. The Eldar player castled up behind three main structures in his deployment line. The Eldar fired their brightlances and shurikens trying to get lucky shots in on my Battlewagons and trukks, but thanks to some awsome cover saves they made it across the board to deliver the boyz to their targets.

Once 'Eadsplitta and his mega nobz got into hand to hand, they did what they do best and beat the crap out of the Harlequins and ran off the Dire Avengers. The Farseer stayed high in a nearby building helping the squads near him with fortune and guide, but he was only prolonging the final out come of this game.

The orks won 6-2 in kill points .

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